Isaac DuBosc of SC, (pp. 60-65) - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Isaac DuBosc of SC, (pp. 60-65)
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: September 06, 1998

The Isaac DuBosc Family of South Carolina, In two Parts, Part I
By Mrs. Leola W. Konopa, April, 1972
Published in Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina
No. 77, 1972
Printed by The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, S. C.

[... continued, pages 60-65]

 6. Jane Dubose, dau of Peter and Laney Dubose, married Stephen Stuckey. Jane
was killed by a slave girl. Later Stephen Stuckey moved to Texas and died in
Gonzales, Texas.

C. Elisha Dubose, son of Andrew Dubose, Sr., was b. ca. 1735/40. He also served
in the American Rev. War. In Sept 1775.  He lived in the vicinity of Stony Run,
Sumter Co., S.C., in 1758.  No records of his wife and family found.


Stephen Dubose, born ca. 1702/3, son of Isaac and Suzanne Couillandeau Dubose,
the emigrants, married 1st Lydia (d. ca. 1739) and married 2nd Elizabeth. He
lived for a time in Williamsburg Dist., and about 1769/70 he and his family
moved up to Lynch's Creek - from Land Grant in 1770 in Craven Co., in Memorials
records at Dept. of Archives, Columbia, S. C. On this he is listed as "Dubusk".
His plat of 1769 shows him on the south side of Lynchs Creek in the location of
what later became Cartersville, S. C.

Children of Stephen Dubose and his 1st. wife Lydia:

A. John Dubose, b. 6-13-1738 (Christ Church Parish Register). He d. 1799/1800
intestate, with a large estate that took several years to settle. His son
Zachariah Dubose applied for letter of Administration In Estates Record Book
"F", Ordinarys office, Bk. 1809-1812, p. 89-91, Darlington S. C., and was
approved for estate of "John Dubose, Senr." (his father) Feb. 1811. John Dubose,
married Lydia, (believed to have been Lydia Carter and is listed in the Carter
Family records). Sumter, S. C., deed Bk. AA (1794-1804) p. 156-157, records a
deed of John Dubose, of land he inherited from his father Stephen Dubose, that
had been originally granted to Stephen Dubose in 1770. (John called "Jr." to
distinguish him from an older John Dubose in the same county). John lived in
Darlington County, S. C., on land that had been part of Old Salem County, that
was divided and became parts of Kershaw, Sumter, and Darlington Counties.
Lynch's Creek became the boundary line between Sumter and Darlington counties,
S. C. The part John sold in 1796 to Jeremiah Moore, was on the Sumter side of
Lynch's River and is recorded in Sumter, S. C. John obtained several Grants of
land himself in this area. Lydia Dubose signed the release to Jeremiah Moore,
11-19-1796 and it appears she was wife of John Dubose. Many records were lost
over the years in both Darlington and Sumter court houses, so that a complete
record is not available. In 1800 property of John Dubose was sold to John Crow,
Darlington Co. Deed Bk. H. p. 30-33, Clerk of Court's office, Darlington, S. C.,
shows 5 tracts of land, or a total of 1300 acres, originally granted to John
Dubose and shown on plat as the land sold to John Crow 1800, but not recorded
until 12-16-1820. This transaction shows the children of John Dubose, and their
husband, or wife, signing releases:

 Jeremiah Dubose - wife Rebeckah - signed dower release. 
 Zachariah Dubose - wife Susanna signed release.
 Giles Carter - wife Magdalen Dubose Carter signed release.
 John Dubose (Jr.) - wife Ann Dubose, signed release.
 Daniel Cole, - wife Mary Dubose Cole, signed release.

These are the children, with wife or husband, of John Dubose who was son of
Stephen Dubose. Part of that land was in Cartersville, S. C. John Dubose served
in the American Rev. War in the 2nd Regmt., S. C., as a Pvt., in Oct 1779,
promoted to Crpl. National Archives records. Children of John Dubose and wife
Lydia were:

1. Jeremiah Dubose, b. ca. 1760 d. 1839 in Pike County, Ala. He married Rebecca
Hampton (sister of General Wade Hampton). They settled in Pike Co. Ala. Their
children were:

 a. Wade Hampton Dubose, m. Hannah White - lived Macon, Miss.

 b. Samuel Dubose b. 1809 in Sumter Co., S. C., d. 1889 Pike Co., Ala., married
Lucretia Henagan. Lived at Troy, Ala.

 c. Ann Dubose m. James Russ - Pike Co., Ala.

 d. Daniel Dubose m. Mansa Norwood - Pike Co., Ala.

 e. Julia Dubose

 f. Hannah Dubose, born in S. C., m. 1st James McLendon - no issue. m. 2nd 1811
William Reid Hamilton, moved by 1818 to Clarke Co., Ala.

 g. John Dubose b. 1812 m. 1st Jane Rabb; m. 2nd Amanda Smith, lived in Pike
County, Ala.

2. Zachariah Dubose, son of John Dubose and Lydia Dubose, married Susannah
(believed to have been Susannah Carter). He d. 1825 intestate in Sumter Co., S.
C. Records in Sumter, S. C. Children:

 a. Seborn J. Dubose

 b. Mary Matilda Dubose - m. Ephriam Howell 
[Note added by Steven J. Coker, September 1998: He signed his name as "Ephraim
Howell" twice on November 2, 1837, on two separate copies of the acceptance of
service of Summons In Partition.]

 c. Lavinia S. Dubose - m. Benjamin Lavender 
[Note added by Steven J. Coker, September 1998: She signed her name as "Lieuezar
T. Lavender" twice on November 2, 1837, on two separate copies of the acceptance
of service of Summons In Partition. In the petition dated October 9, 1837, of
Seborn Dubose requesting partition of the estate, her name is shown as "Louisa
L. Dubose since intermarried with Benj Lavander" and again as "Louisa T. Dubose
since intermarried with Benj Lavander" at a later point in the petition. In the
second version showing the middle intitial of T, the middle initial was
originally written as L (probably for Lavender) then T was overwritten in its
place. The name "Lavinia" was written by the person transcribing the documents
into the Court records.]

 d. Abigail Dubose

 e. Addison Dubose m. Harriett [Note added by Steven J. Coker, September 1998:
Harriett's maiden name was Harriett Brand.]

 f. Zilpha Dubose

 g. Benj. Dubose m. Elizabeth (she m. 2nd J. B. McElveen).

3. Magdalen Dubose, m. Giles Carter (b. 1764 d. 1846), m. 1785. (After Magdalen
died Giles Carter m. 2nd. Mae Ingram.) Children of Magdalen and Giles Carter

 a. Charles Powell Carter, b. 1797 m. Susan Ingram

 b. James J. Carter, m. Susannah Benton Lawrence

 c. Edward Carter, married . . .

 d. Mary Carter, m. Elisha Moseley

 e. Daniel Carter, m. 1833 a Miss Muldrow

4. John Dubose (Jr.) son of John Dubose, who was son of Stephen Dubose married
Ann ... lived in Darlington, S. C. It is believed that this John Dubose operated
the Tavern in Darlington.

5. Mary Dubose, dau. of John, (who was son of Stephen Dubose), was b. 1765 in S.
C. and died ca. 1851 in Pike Co., Ala. She married ca. 1789 Daniel Cole in S.
C., and they moved to Georgia by 1802, and in 1819 they moved to Alabama. Daniel
Cole died 1831 in Pike Co., Ala. He was born ca. 1760. Their children were:

 (a) Thomas Delorum Cole, b. 1799 in S. C. d. 1865 in Coffe Co., Ala. He m. 1st
ca. 1812-15 Elizabeth Horn, dau. of Joab and Nancy Ricks Horn. Their children

 (1) Lorenza Jackson Cole who married Amanda Harper

 (2) Caroline Cole who m. Lewis Hutchison, Jr. Their issue:
Noah 0. Hutchison (m. 1867 Fannie Walker); Missouri Hutchison (m. J. T. Knight);
Julian P. Hutchison; Thomas Hutchison; Wm. C. Hutchison; Daniel Hutchison; Lewis
P. Hutchison; Lorenzo R. Hutchison; and Costello Barto Hutchison.

 (3) Narcissa Cole, married John A. Hornsby

 (4) Nancy Cole - m. Christopher H. Kyser

 (5) Sarah Cole - born 1829, married 1-2-1845 Mason Creed Kimmey, and lived near
Elba, Ala. Their children were:

 a. Angus Floyd Kimmey - m. Martha Bryant Cummings (Texas).

 b. B. Augustus William Kimmey - m. Laura Ervin

 c. Daniel 0. Kimmey, m. Lucy May (moved to Texas)

 d. Amezonia M. Kimmey m. David C. Collins

 e. Theodore S. Kimmey - never married - d. 1834.

 f. Caldonia Kimmey - m. Burrell Stephens

 g. Beatrice Elizabeth Kimmey m. John Jackson Farris. She was b. 1862 d. 1951,
and he was b. 1854 and d. 1925. They m. 12-20-1883. Their children were: -
Marion Theodora (m. Judge Ira Augustus Hutchison); Minnie Ethel (m. Joshua
Drayton Smith); Eunora Farris; Bessie Clifton (m. Wm. C. Braswell, M.D.); John
Jackson (m. 1st Eunice Smith, and m. 2nd Margaret Brown Roberts); Zelma (m.
Ernest Leslie Alford); William Kimmey (m. Elizabeth Frank); Sarah Amie (m. Frank
Hendricks Rainer); and Francis Angus Farris (m. Frances Mitchell).

 h. Ida Kimmey - m. Jesse Henderson Rowe

 i. Iola Kimmey m. Thomas Pierson Windham

 j. John Mason Kimmey - m. Ida Windham

 k. Sallie Belle Kimmey - m. Bertram Wayne Page
(For information on this line refer to Mrs. Theodore Hutchison [address

 (b) Noah B. Cole, b. 1-11-1795 d. 1854 in La. (son of Mary Dubose and Daniel
Cole), m. 1-28-1819 in Sparta Co., Ala., Wealtha Taylor, b. 1799 d. 1876. (See
1820 Census, Conecuh Co., Ala.) Children:

 (1) Lucinda Cole - m. Daniel N. Dansby

 (2) Jahaza Cole - m. William Todd

 (3) Almira Cole, m. James M. Feagin (1814-1899). He was b. in Jones Co., Ga.,
and was a Major in the Civil War. Children: Samuel J. Feagin; Noah B. Feagin;
Martha Feagin (m. Calvin Fenn of Clayton, Ala.); Wealthy Feagin (m. Dr. W. W.
Morton); Mary Feagin; Missouri A. Feagin (m. F. H. Tompkins); Almira C. Feagin
(m. A. G. Jordan); James Feagin Jr.; Beauregard Feagin; Lavinia Feagin (m. Rev.
James M. Kelly); George W. Feagin; and Nancy Dixie Feagin (m. Gustavus A. Orum,
and had dau. Dixie Orum, b. 1889, who m. Frank Stollenwerck and lives in
Baltimore, Md.).

 (4) Mary Ann (Polly) Cole - m. Frederick G. Thomas.

 (5) Minerva Cole - m. T. M. Bickham

 (6) Palestine Cole m. Edward Jacobs (b. 1822 d. 1896). She was b. 1830 d. 1918.
Edward Jacobs was originally Edward Jacobi of Freienwalde, Pomerania. They had
12 children of whom only 6 lived to adulthood. These were: Walter Byron Jacobs;
Australia Eugenia Jacobs (m. William Crawford); Myrtle Aurora Jacobs (m. William
Hamilton); Otelia (Tela) Jacobs (m. Wm. S. Penick); Ernest Jacobs (m. Lily ...);
and Weltha Belzora (Lola) Jacobs (m. Fayette Johnson Alcocke).

 (7) Calista Cole m. James McCain

 (8) Amazon Cole m. Ben Jacobs

 (9) Ransom T. Cole - m. Virginia Noel. Their children were: Palestine Cole (m.
J. J. Pearson); Hettie Cole (m. Lee Templeman); Rosa Cole; Ransom Taylor Cole,
Jr. (m. Cliff Elgin); Wealtha Cole (m. Ransom Bickharn); Ferne Cole m. John C.
Lynch); Noah B. Cole (m. Henry Wartella); Edward Cole (m. Cassetti); Ampy Cole;
and Willie Cole (d. young).

 (c) John Mason Cole, lived in Georgia most of his life and moved to Coffee
County, Ala., shortly before he died 1-25-1856. He was b. 1792 in S. C., married
and had issue: Celia Cole; Mary Cole; Mason Cole; and Sally Cole. See Pike Co.,
Ala. records.

 (d) Margaret (Peggy) Cole, b. 1794 in S. C., d. 10-5-1875 at Orange Hill,
Washington Co., Florida. She m. 11-14-1816 Isaac Hillard Horn (b. 1791 in Ga.).
Their children were: Daniel Hilliard Horne (m. Kiziah Flowers); Adeline Horne
(m. Graves Bright); and Mary Ann Horne (m. James G. Williams); Isaac Horne (m.
Mary F. Walts); and Oliver Jordan Horne (m. Matilda Flowers).

 (e) Ransom Cole, b. 1800 in Edgefield Dist., S. C., d. 1887 at Bryan, Texas, m.
Agatha Bostwick, moved to La. and then to Texas. Children: Mason D. Cole (m. 3
times, 3rd wife was Mrs. Mollie A. Covey); Jasper N. Cole (m. Nannie Walker);
and Noah B. Cole (m. 1st Mollie Rawles, and m. 2nd Lula Davies).

 (f) Jeanetta Cole, b. 1804 in Ga., married James Wood and had one daughter
Amanda Elizabeth Wood. (Pike Co., Ala., Deeds)

 (g) Daniel Cole, Jr., (b. 2-13-1806, Jefferson Co., Ga., d. 1875 in Cass Co.,
Texas), m. 1st Nancy Wood and had issue: Winchester Cole (m. M. L. Cunningham);
Carrol R. Cole (1829-1857); Flournoy Jefferson Cole (m. Julia A. Dansby);
Margaret Cole (m. M. A. Jackson); Pulaski D. Cole (m. 1st G. H. Lockett; m. 2nd
M. R. Lockett; and m. 3rd A. B. Robberson); Noah L. Cole (m. M. A. Waddell); D.
K. Cole; Nancy Cole (m. Francis Crawford). Daniel Cole, Jr., m. 2nd Mary Jane
Dick (1822-1883) m. 12-30-1847, moved to Texas ca. 1853. Issue: Mary Jane Cole
m. Chas. Ames); Wm. C. Cole (m. L. 0. Brooks); Texas Cole; Florence Cole (m.
Eugene Shelby McCown); J. A. Cole; Delorum Texas Cole; Daniel Cooper Cole (m.
Mattie Bobo, they lived in Redwater, Texas).

 (h) Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cole, b. 1797 Cheraw Dist., S. C. Daniel Cole, Sr., had
a Grant of land in S. C., in 1794 on Lynch's Creek, S. C. next to Jeptha and
Elias Dubose, his relatives. See Land Grants, Dept. of Archives, Columbia, S. C.
By 1802 he is in Ga., and is on the 1802 Tax List in Jefferson Co., Ga., next to
Jeptha Dubose. Both had gone to Georgia to participate in the Georgia Land
Lottery. Daniel Cole was in the 1805 First Lottery in Jefferson Co.

Stephen Dubose, son of Isaac Dubose, the emigrant, married 2nd Elizabeth (last
name unknown), m. ca. 1738/39. Lived in Cartersville, S. C. Children of 2nd wife
were: (only known ones given) -

B. Dorcas Dubose b. 1744 Prince Frederick Parish Register. Later on church
records in 1778 in Darlington, S. C.

C. William Dubose, b. 1749 (Prince Frederick Parish Register).

D. Stephen Dubose, Jr., b. 1758 in Darlington Co., S. C. Served in the American
Rev. War as Pvt., 1775-1776 etc., Pension No. 19091. After the war he moved to
West Tennessee and lived in Rutherford Co., Tenn., where he applied for pension.
He was at Savannah in the cavalry and was present when Count Pulaski headed the
Light horse cavalry that charged the breastworks of the British and was wounded
in the thigh. Stephen Dubose, Jr., stated be was born near Mars Bluff, S. C., in

There were probably several other children of Stephen Dubose. However, no
records have been found of them.


Isaac Dubose, Second, b. ca. 1693, d. 1742 (son of Isaac and Suzanne
Couillandeau Dubose, the emigrants), married 1st Madelaine Rembert (b. after
1697), dau. of Andre Rembert, and mentioned in his Will of 1736, as deceased.
(See Will of Andre Rembert in Charleston, S. C., Records). Isaac Dubose, Second,
lived in St. James Parish. The Memorial Book Vol. 3, p. 263-264, Archives Dept.,
Columbia, S. C., shows a Statement of Isaac Dubose of Craven Co., that his
father Isaac Dubose (first) did will him a plantation of 500 acres in Craven Co.
on the Santee river. The Memorial was dated 5-22-1733. Isaac and Madelaine
Dubose had two children:

 A. Madelaine Dubose

 B. Isaac Dubose (Third), m. Catherine Boisseau

When Madelaine Rembert Dubose, wife of Isaac Dubose, died, Isaac Dubose married
2nd Esther Beau (or Bean), daughter of Louis Gourdin and widow of John Bean (or
Beau). Esther died 1763, and her Will is dated Aug. 1, 1763, recorded in
Charleston Wills, Vol. 10, p. 458. The children of Isaac Dubose (2nd) and Esther
(2nd wife) were:

 C. Joshua Dubose, who m. and had dau. Esther Norman (Memorial, Vol. 7, p. 224,
Archives Dept., Columbia, S. C.).

 D. Jepthah Dubose, m. Sarah ...

 E. Susannah Beersheba Dubose

 F. Esther Dubose, m. 1st Andrew Rembert (3rd), and m. 2nd ... Couturier and had
dau. Esther Couturier.

 G. Jonathan Dubose, m. Mary (last name unknown).

Isaac Dubose (third), son of Isaac Dubose 2nd and Madelaine Rembert Dubose,
married Catherine Boisseau and their children were:

 1. Catherine Dubose,

 2. Joana, m. David Gaillard.

 3. Capt Isaac Dubose (fourth), m. 1st Catherine DuTarque and had issue, and
after she died, he m. 2nd Catherine Dubose, his cousin. No issue 2nd Wife.

 4. David Dubose, m. Elizabeth Moncrieff.

 5. Capt Samuel Dubose, m. 1st Elizabeth Sinkler; m. 2nd Mary Sinkler (née
Walker, widow of Peter Sinkler, Jr.); and m. 3rd Martha Walter White, widow of
C. G. White. It was Isaac Dubose, Fourth, who ratified the Constitution and
whose signature appears on the S. C. records of the S. C. men who ratified the

[to be continued...]

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