Isaac BROWNSON of Berkley, 1712 - Susan Hodge Davis
Subject: Isaac BROWNSON of Berkley, 1712
From: Susan Hodge Davis
Date: October 12, 1998

I found this in the Charleston Public Library:
Charleston Misc. Records 1714-1717
Page 310
Isaac Brownson of Berkly Co., planter, Jan 1712/3
Joseph Brownson paid Isaac Brownson for 100 acres of land joined by
Joseph Brownson, He got premises by virtue of last will and testimony of
father John Brownson, dec. with the free consent of his mother Hanna
Brownson.  Margaret is the wife of Isaac

Record of Wills, Vol. 4, Page 231
Will of Joseph Brunson of St. George's Parish in Berkley Co.
Wife Ann, 4 sons: John, Joseph, Ebenezer, and Thomas
3 daughters: Jane, Hannah, Rebecca
8 July 1734

Record of Wills, Vol. 5   1740-1747, Pg. 210
Will of Joseph Brunson-May 24, 1743
Berkley Co.
Wife Martha, sons John and Joseph
I make John Perry, Ebenezer Brunson, and Martha Brunson, exor of  my
last will and testament
Recorded 14 Dec 1743

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