Is there a Free Men Colored Register for SC in 1820-1840 - Mithrus1
Subject: Is there a Free Men Colored Register for SC in 1820-1840
From: Mithrus1
Date: June 28, 1998

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Hi All.....:))

I could sure use your advise...  
Is there a Free Men Colored Register for SC in 1820-1840?

 I am searching for ALEXANDER, Alfred born abt. 1811 SC.  I only know his
 mothers name as Bettie or Bessie born abt. 1796 in SC .  (is there a clue
 hear? based on dates, I should be looking into) and his family from the 1870
Census finally located in ALA 1870. (Alexandria, Calhoun Cty)

Now, here is my problem:  I have located Alfred and his  family of 19 years in
1870 ALA Census.  This is the only record I have  been able to locate.  He
does not appear in 1866 ALA Register of Colored Persons, nor appear in the ALA
1860 or 1880 Census.  This is an "interracial  marriage" and it has been
suggested that
 maybe due to marriage circumstances he did not want to be found?

 I could use some advise for SC,  Please re: any registers up to 1850.  Also,
I have not been able to locate the  marriage, as I do not know of what faith,
as he was
(would the interracial marriage had such an impact as not to be  able to
locate any records)  I am assuming Baptist, Presbytarian?  

I have searched marriage certificates for daughter LauraJane, Death,  and have
not been able to locate a birth in 1862 in Alabama. (Alexandria, Calhoun Cty)
, I have gone fwd and backward in ALA with NO luck!, Trying to get into SC.
SO ANY ASSISTANCE, ADVISE, OPINIONS are "graciously" accepted.

Descendants of Alfred Alexander
1.  ALFRED2 ALEXANDER  (ALEXANDER1) was born 1811 in South Carolina. (black)
He married (1) CHRISTINA HODGE born 1820 in  South Carolina (white)
Alfred mother was named Bettie/Bessie, born in 1796 SC (black)

	i.	MILLIE3 ALEXANDER, b. 1851, Alabama.
	ii.	ELLA ALEXANDER, b. 1853, Alabama.
	iii.	LASIE ALEXANDER, b. 1855, Alabama.
	iv.	AMANDA ALEXANDER, b. 1857, Alabama.
	v.	ROBERT ALEXANDER, b. 1859, Alabama.
	vi.	LAURAJANE SEWELL ALEXANDER, b. April 12, 1862, Alabama; d. April 20,
1933, Manhattan,  NY; m. REV. WILLIAM A. ALEXANDER, (mar. unk)

Thank you!  [email protected]

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Awful quiet around here.  The SC names I search are:

Eunola (aka Unitery & Unity) CARROLL b ca 1755 d Dec 4 1844 Edgefield Co, SC
Noah CLOUD b ca 1752 VA d Aug 15, 1838 Edgefield Co, SC
Van SWEARINGEN b ca 1743 Edgecomb, NC d  ca May 1898 Edgefield, SC
Rachel CLOUD or BEALL wife of Van SWEARINGEN
Thomas Davenport GLENN b ca 1780 in NC or VA m 1812 Sumter Co, SC
William CAPERS b Oct 13, 1758 St Thomas Parish, SC d Dec 7, 1812 Sumpter CO,
Benjamin SINGLETARY b Apr 4, 1656 MA d July 1699 Redbank, SC
Mary STOCKBRIDGE b Apr 29, 1659 MA d ca 1696 SC
Andrew WARNOCK b 1679 Ayrshire Scotland d Sept 1727 St Thomas Parish,
Berkley Co SC
Mary DRAKE b 1683 d 1758 Berkley Co, SC
Mary (Fannie) ALSTON b 1715 Berkley Co, SC d 1770
Stephen C HAMILTON b Sept 8, 1811 Darlington Dist, SC d July 20, 1884 (AL?)

Laura L Schmidt
[email protected]
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     Franklin Co WA:  [email protected]
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