Re: Is Fairfield Marriage Book available? - David L. Hamiter
Subject: Re: Is Fairfield Marriage Book available?
From: David L. Hamiter
Date: November 06, 1998

[email protected] wrote:

 Can someone pls. tell me if the book:
> "Fairfield County Marriages, 1775-1879" by Barbara R. Langdon is still
> available and if so, where?
> Thank you for any help.
> Glenna

 Hello Glenna,

I don't know if the book is still available or not. However, We have a book
store here in Columbia SC that will find you a copy if they don't have one.
Send me your name and mailing address if you want me to give it to the
aforementioned proprietor of the "Book Place" in Columbia, which
specializes in South Carolina stuff.

David L. Hamiter
[email protected]

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