Re: Re: Inzer - Le Bateman
Subject: Re: Re: Inzer
From: Le Bateman
Date: March 23, 2000

I am not related to Colonel Inzer, but his full name was John Washington
Inzer Col. 58th Alabama Infantry. His house the Inzer House is in St. Clair.
Contact the SCV for more information It is a Confederate Museum
run by the SCV.
Le Bateman
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Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 2:54 PM
Subject: Re: Inzer

 My friends own a little used bookshop in Birmingham AL and when I was up
> there a few days ago, they had a book titled:
> DIARY OF A CONFEDERATE SOLDIER:  ___ ___ Inzer.  This gentleman was from
> Clair Co. AL.
>    If you think there may be a connection, you may reach them at:
> [email protected]
> Leslie will be happy to help you, if she still has the book.  Hope this
> Arlene Hampton

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