Intro - PARKER/HARPER - Jim & Janet David
Subject: Intro - PARKER/HARPER
From: Jim & Janet David
Date: November 08, 1998

i am a new subscriber looking for a needle in a haystack ( i know, welcome
to the crowd!!)  i would like any suggestions on finding my rebecca PARKER
HOWARD MADDUX, born to, unsubstantiated but alluded to in family documents,
dr. john PARKER, married to an unnamed HARPER, of course related to the
harper's ferry harpers.  rebecca PARKER was born, i believe, in 5/1799 or
1798.  in the old letter i have it notes that rebecca often visited the
harpers at harper's ferry.  she married (? - some suspicion the child could
have been illegitimate, though in her next marriage she is described as a
widow) (?) HOWARD around 1818, probably in s. carolina, where her firstborn
son, mark william howard was born, 3/1/1818

any help would be appreciated.  i have not a clue where to look first!!  the
line is pretty well substantiated after this.

thanks, janet d.
arizona, where we are expecting our first snow of the season, yahoo!!

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