Interesting Site for American Indian Research - Pridelin
Subject: Interesting Site for American Indian Research
From: Pridelin
Date: May 09, 2000

I have found a very interesting site for anyone doing American Indian 
research.  The site belongs to Rare Book Reprints (I have no connection or 
interest in this site.)  I connected to it from a link on another list I 
belong to.  

The site is
ebk.  Once there, click on "Book Lists."  There you will see a list of 
books, including many on the American Indian tribes.  Included in many of the 
book reviews are on-line surname lists.  Of particular interest to me was the 
"Cherokee Genealogial Tutorial."  It's on a clickable link and has valuable 
research information.  

Overall, this site has a wealth of information on-line, without having to 
order any of the books!

Happy hunting!


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