Insane Asylum Pt 4 - Marshall Britt
Subject: Insane Asylum Pt 4
From: Marshall Britt
Date: April 30, 2000

Class 5th or ?

Ann O'Hera
Louisa Buwell (?)
John Steel
Eliza Maxy
Hartwell Thomas
A.M Adex
Sallie Parker
Isabella Hopkins
Annibel Morgan
Alexander Robertson
Sarah Foster
George Thomason
Thomas E. Cuny.R. (?)
Rebecca A Brown
J. I. Courtnay
Mary Dolph
M. L. Boone
Mary Brewer
Charles Leavy (?)
Henry Solomon
Rachael Davis
Epsy Connel
Ann Grantham (?)
Selina Doolie (?)
James Davidson
Joe Crawford
The rest on this list are unreadable as all of the last name was not

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