Information wanted-Stuart Town 1684 - Klbusby
Subject: Information wanted-Stuart Town 1684
From: Klbusby
Date: August 02, 1999


I have been reading several books on South Carolina History. In my
reading, I have found the mention of Stuart Town, which was located on
Port Royal Island from November 1684 until August 17, 1686. 
This town was formed by Scottish colonists, who followed Henry Erskine,
third Lord Cardross. They sailed to South Carolina on the ship Carolina
Merchant from Gourock Bay on the Clyde in Scotland  on July 21, 1684. 
The ship was commanded by Captain James Gibson. There were 148 colonists.
None of the colonists died at sea however one died when they first
arrived in SC. Several colonists deserted their group.
The end of this town came on August 17, 1686 when the Spanish sent a
force of 100 Spainards under Thomas de Leon and a force of Indians(total
number between the two groups was 200 men) to destroy the town. The
Spanish considered this as part of their territory. For three days the
town was ransacked and burned and animals slaughtered. Two men and a boy
were captured and held as prisoners. Other settlers hid in the woods. The
Spanairds then went on to plunder surrounding islands, including Edisto
Island on which the home of Paul Grimball, Secretary of the Providence
was burned.
On August 26, 1686 a hurricane hit the area. What was left of Stuart Town
was completely destroyed along with Port Royal Island. 
In a letter to the Lord Proprietors and other leaders of the Carolina
province, Rev. William Dunlop, an associate of Lord Cardross, told of the
destruction caused by both the Spainards and the hurricane. He wrote "In
some places for 3 or 4 miles together there is scarce one great tree
standing, all pathes being so impassable that there is no traveling on
horseback and scarce any on foot". He further writes "We have too great
reason to fear the near approach of famin to compleat our miseryes".

The governmental seal  for Stuart Town is suppose to be located at the
Charleston Museum. 

Does anyone know anything else about Stuart Town and its colonists? What
happened to the survivors? Where did they go? Was any help given to them
by the government in, such as protection, five cannons had been ordered
to be delivered and mounted at Stuart Town in November 1685, were they
there? At the time of the Spanish raid did others come to the aid of
Stuart Town? Does anyone know of a passenger list for the Carolina
Merchant or where I might locate it?

Any help is appreciated,

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