Re: information please...Cherokee-Sarah Davis - Elsie Swilley,
Subject: Re: information please...Cherokee-Sarah Davis
From: Elsie Swilley,
Date: April 05, 2000

 I am glad we found your Sarah. I am afraid this book is only a list and
gives no info about the person other than what I sent. In the back it
does say a Court of Claims suit resulted in Eastern Cherokees living
either east or west of the Mississippi receiving monetary awards.This
was a result of various treaty violations. In order to participate, a
person had to be alive On May 28, 1906 and establish themselves as a
member of the Eastern Cherokee, or a decendant of , at the time of the
violations.Mr.Guion Miller made a list in 1909 of those who qualified.
   The book says if you find an ancestor on the Guion Miller Roll 1909,
you will find a tremendous amount of info.It says the list is detailed
and contains copies of the actual applications which go back to the mid
and early 1800's.
  I don't know where there is a copy of this roll, but some library
probably has it. Maybe someone else can help us.
 The book I own was purchased at a State Park gift shop.

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