Re: Information on new genealogy research software - Dave Metheny
Subject: Re: Information on new genealogy research software
From: Dave Metheny
Date: February 08, 2000


I found a free members site named genealogy world. It seems to have
quite a few databases online, and query boards... and free of course.
The software product I think was genealogy detective,
I bought a copy and found it one of the best, and probably
the easiest to use. Actually it pretty neat, and cheap too.

[email protected] wrote:

 Hi all,
>    Sorry if this is a little off-topic, but someone had posted an
> a
> free membership genealogy research site, something like 'genealogy
> or "genealogy of the world", and some new software that was available,

 I accidentially deleted the URL.  Does anyone have this URL??

"White, Anne" wrote:

 It got through to me.
> A. White

Free Membership - Genealogy World: Online databases,
Query Boards, Tutorials:
New! Amazing genealogy research software-FREE INFO:
mailto:[email protected]?subject=mgaf

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