Information from Winston County, AL - Jane Benson
Subject: Information from Winston County, AL
From: Jane Benson
Date: May 09, 1999

Message to all on the SCROOTS site:
I realize that ALL of our messages are ARCHIVED for future reference. 
Therefore, we need to be more careful about what we send in so that in
searching through the archives for important documents and information, we
don't have to also search through a lot of clutter.

In the interest of time and space, I will request that all of the lookups
that you want me to do regarding the Census for 1850-1860, Cemetery
Listings, and the Land Tract Entries that I have just begun be sent
directly to me at HOME.  That way, people who do not find what they are
looking for will not have to delete a lot of unnecessary messages and other
information can be posted in the meantime.  
I don't say this as a means of reprimand but rather I am trying to get you
to see what happens with our "conversation".  I went through my computer
last night and deleted over 400 messages that did not pertain to me and my
research in any way but because I am on the mailing lists, I get them
anyway.  I am not complaining for goodness knows  when an important clue
might just pop up on my screen!  I just wanted to get the "not needed" out
of the way so I could work on the "needed" part of my research.  I am sure
that most of you will agree with me on this.  AND, please don't start a
conversation about "being censored" for that is NOT what I am trying to say
at all!  I will try to help you in your research in any way I possibly can
but I do not intend to send my "conversations" to the SCROOTS site.  I keep
that for my home computer.

Also, please send ONE surname at a time in your request.  Some of these
surnames have only one listing but some of them have over a dozen.  I hope
you understand that I don't mind doing this.  Otherwise, I would not have
volunteered in the first place but please be considerate in your request.

Best regards,
Jane Ashley Benson  

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