Re: Re: Information - Elida
Subject: Re: Re: Information
From: Elida
Date: May 12, 1999

One of the standards I learned from other listmembers is NEVER make
public any information about anyone still living.  I don't go back
any farther than my now deceased grandparents, all born more than 100
years ago.


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DATE:	5/12/99 3:58 PM

RE:	Re: Information

The subject of sharing genealogical information and it "being free" brings
to mind a question that has bothered me since starting my quest three years

If the question is not considered appropriate for this list, I apologize to
all.   Please e-mail me privately if you have any thoughts on the subject.

My question is:

What genealogy information is considered "appropriate" to pass on to the
general public whether by internet e-mail, web pages, relative to relative
etc?  Many of my living relatives are from small farming communities and
consider their family life private and personal.  Some were very reluctant
to give out the information to begin with.  I am certain that this was also
true in the time of my grandfather and his father.

I recently passed on a GEDCOM file to a distant relative so that they might
compare notes and perhaps share with me information that I had not yet
discovered.  The relative replied by e-mail that they thought my report was
"great" and should be published on their Web page with my name & e-mail
address attached.  I declined because of the privacy issue.  A great deal of
the information that I possess was passed on to me by others yet I continue
to feel that by passing it on, I am violating a confidence of a living
relative or ancestor.

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