Information - darlene cantey
Subject: Information
From: darlene cantey
Date: May 12, 1999

I have never responded to arguements on a list but I must say I really 
appreciate anyone who shares inforrmation about my family members and 
acknowledge their hardwork. I have collected materials on several lines and 
have put it in a book format but refuse to publish it because of copyright 
laws. I think it is important to give the authors credit, but I would be 
thrilled someone was able to use my work to answer questions about their 
family they have had for a long time.  I wonder how our own ancestors would 
have felt about their names used in publications, including their personal 
and family matters. I don't take sides, I think we might be missing the 
bigger picture as to who all really owns our history. After all most of our 
work comes from facts we are not rewriting history. My ancestors records 
were evidently made public.
This list was made for researchers, but I also think situations like this 
teach and help us keep things in perspective.

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