Subject: Info
Date: November 04, 1999

the Ga Gen Soc has info on these people

   box 6

Harris Calbraich Butler or Bulter b Oct 21. 1878 Edgefield Co S.C.   3
Hill William N. b. 1816 Marlboro Dist S.C. 4 pages  A tragic lifestory
as told by his brothers grandson
Holley.Joseph W. b 3 April    6 pages (black educator)
Howard Thomas Jefferson Oct 12 b. Oct 12 1838 Edge field Dist S.C. 6
Hudgins Elnathan  b. 1812 Pickens Co S.C  6 pages

      Box 7

Jacobs Thornwell b.Feb 15 1877 Laurens Co S.C.  5 pages
James John Shelton South Carolina  10 pages

Johnson J.L. b. July 14 1846 Spartanburg S.C.
1 page

I am going through  book  and picking out people from S.C. if you
connect send the name to the list.and I will put up all the matching
names for you.     Jean

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