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Subject: Re: Indians
From: ~DITSY~
Date: May 21, 2000

From what I gather back in "those days" you were either black or white.  If
you could pass  for white the census would put white but if you looked
Indian or like a person of color you were put on the black census.  I have
seen many Indian names on the people of color was one or the
other, no in betweens.


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From: Bouy Peeples 
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Subject: Indians

 Hi All,
>     Well I have been reading all the interesting info on American Indians
and have been mulling over some of it for a few months now.  My question is
this:  I am just starting to work on the Jones line which is my mother's
side of the family.  My great-great grandfather was Thomas L. Jones born
April 22, 1799 in Cambridge, Abbeville County and died October 10, 1871 in
Charleston.  He had two wives the first was Sarah A. (last name unknown) and
he had at least 4 children with her.  She was older than Thomas.  The
children were Lucy, Wm. H. Jones, Emila C. Jones and Thos. L. Jones.  The
second wife was Frances E. (last name unknown) and they had ten children.
Frances was 22 and Thomas was 57.  She is listed as Mullato on the census
records.  They were in St. James Goose Creek Parish near Summerville in June
of 1860.  The Post Office was Mt. Holly.  Serveral people have suggested
that Frances might have been Indian as there was an Indian population in the
area and we all have hi!
> gh ceek bones (Is that a stereo type?).  Anyway she is an absolute brick
wall for me as no one knows anything about them at all.  By the 1870 census
she and the children are listed as white.  So is she black, white, Indian or
mixed race?  Any suggestions for how I might go about finding more on this
and if she was Indian would there be any way to know from existing records?
> Bouy

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