Indian Trade, 30 MAY 1711 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Indian Trade, 30 MAY 1711
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 06, 1998

The Colonial Records of South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
The Indian Books:

May 30, 1711
Att a Board of Comissioners, mett.

PRESENT: Richd. Berisf ord, Esq., President, Col. James Risbee, Capt. Benja.
Quelch, Mr. John Guerard, and Mr. John Raven.

Received from John Wright, Esq., Agent, a Letter from the Pocotallagua Town
dated the 14th May, 1711. After Perusall of which Letter the Board thought fitt
to send the said Agent the following Letter.
                             Charles Town, 30 May 1711


  We received yours dated from Pocotallagua, the 14th May and another from
Huspau the 21st, same Month, in Both which you tell us of the great Paines and
Care you are obliged to take in the performing your Duty. We allso take Notice
of the Difficulty you encounter to bring the headstrong, unruly Traders to
Reason and which we thinck you will effectualy doe by getting all their Bonds to
take out Licences to trade in the same Form you sent those inclosed to us. We
also take Notice of the many grievous Complaints you send us, perticulerly that
of Capt. Peterson which we look on as the heyest [highest] Crimes he could be
guilty off [sic] and may assure yourself that we will seek all Means possible to
have him punished according to the Nature thereof, you furnishing us with Proofs
that he hath proceded according to your Allegation. We also take Notice of
Phillip Gilliard's Behaviour and hope you will loose no Time of sending Proofs
of his Trading that we may procede accordingly.

  And you may rest assured that we will doe all that lyes in us by assisting you
to perform your Promise made to the several Kings. You mention of easing them of
their Grievances, perticulerly the white Men setling among them, and as we shall
make itt our Endevour to redress their Complaints; soe we doubt not, but as an
Earnest thereof you will redress the ronged Pocotalligo Indian from Frazer if
you find the Fact continew as you write itt us. We are but a bare Board and your
Complants, being of soe high and greivous a Nature as we with you beleve tends
to the utter Ruin and Desolation of the Government if not timely prevented; we
therefore thought fit to send you these in Answer and that we would have you
proceed vigorously in the Defence of the Province by continuing among those
Nations of Yamosee Indians till you have settled all Affairs between them and
Traders, or till hear further from us, being that we have their Peace and
Quietness most att Heart which we are sencible tends directly to the Peace and
Tranquility of the Province; and when we are a full Board which we have apointed
to meet on the 2d Tuesday in June and being soe got together, we shall take all
due Care of proceding vigorously to the destroying those groeing Evils that
violently thretten us. That by keping the Traders at Peace and Amity with the
Indians we may thereby purchase a firm and lasting Peace to this Province which
is and shall be the Care and Studdy of, Sir,
                             Your Freinds and Servants

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