Indian Trade, 20 SEP 1710 - 22 SEP 1710 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Indian Trade, 20 SEP 1710 - 22 SEP 1710
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 05, 1998

The Colonial Records of South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
The Indian Books:

Wednesday, September 20, 1710
By Virtue of an Act of Assembly for regulating the Indian Trade and making itt
safe to the Publick, a Board of Comissioners, mett for transacting the Buissenes
of the said Act. Held att Charles Town the 20th September 1710.

PRESENT: Ralph Izard, Esq., President, Col. James Risbey, Richd. Berresford,
Esq., Mr. John Raven, and Mr. James Ingerson.

Col. Wm. Rhett was chosen and sworn a Comissioner as the Act directs.

Adjurned till 2 a'Clock in the Afternoone.

 ~ ~ ~
Mett according to Adjurnment.

PRESENT: Ralph Izard, Esq., President, Col. James Risbee, Col. Wm. Rhett, Richd.
Berrisford, Esq., and Mr. John Raven.

The Comissioners chose Mr. James Ingerson Cecretary for transacting the
Buissiness of the Indian Trade in the Room of Mr. Wm. Smith, deceassed.

Mr. John Guerard was chosen and sworn a Comissioner.

Ordered that Mr. John Wright, Agent, doe send for the Appalachia from his House
to attend this Board tomorrow Noone.

Adjurned till tomorrow Morning nine a'Clock.

Thursday, September 21, 1710
The Board mett according to Adjurnment.

PRESENT: Ralph Izard, Esq., President, Col. James Risbee, Mr. John Raven, Mr.
John Guerard, and Col. Wm. Rhett.

Col. Hugh Grainge was chosen and sworn a Comissioner.

The Apalachia Indians appeared and complains by Cockett, the Interpreter who was

The Board ordered that Ventusa, an Appalachia Indian, and his Wife are to
continew as free People till Phillip Gilliard by a Hearing before the Board can
prove the Contrary.

Massony, another Indian of the Appalachias, to be free till Capt. Musgrave can
make it other Wayes appeare.

Diego, an Appalachia Indian, to continew free till Richd. Edghill prove

Wansella, an Ellcombe Indian, is ordered to be a free Man till Mr. John Pight
can prove him a Slave by any Order from the Goverment

Coloose, a free Indian Woman given Mr. Pight by their own People, the
Commissioners thinck itt unreasonable for her to be a Slave and doe order her to
be free.

The Apalachia Indians desire that their People may be restrained from leaving
their own Town and goeing to reside at the Assapallago Town.

They complain against Capt. Musgrove that he went this Spring to their Town and
demanded Indians to goe and hoe his Corn and if they did not answer his Demands
he would beat them.

Jess Crosley, a Trayder, being jealous of a Whore of his, beat and abused an
Apalachia Indian Man in a barbarous Manner and also bete Jno. Cocket till he
spitt Blood, for onely desiring him to forbear beating the Indian.

Ordered that Jno. Wright, Esq., Agent, doe forthwith issue out his Warrant to
take the said Crosley and have him brought before the Comissioners, to answer to
such notorious Abuses as he has committed amongst the Indians.

Phillip Gilliard, a Trader, took a young Indian against her Will for his Wife,
and cruelly whipped her and her Brother for accepting a few Beades from her, to
the great Greife of the Indians there present. One Carpenter justifies [sic]
that the said Gilliard made a Woeman drunk with Rum and locked her up from her
Mother, offering to kill the Mother becaus she would not leve her Daughter
behind her.

The Board adjurned till tomorrow Morning 8 a'Clock.

Friday, September 22, 1710
Mett according to Adjurnment.

PRESENT: Ralph Izard, Esq., President, Col. James Risbee, Col. Wm. Rhett, Col.
Hugh Grange and Mr. John Guerard.

The Board ajurned sine Die.

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