Indian Trade, 17 APR 1711 - 12 MAY 1711 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Indian Trade, 17 APR 1711 - 12 MAY 1711
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 06, 1998

The Colonial Records of South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
The Indian Books:

April 17, 1711
Att a Board of Comissioners mett.

PRESENT: Richd. Berisford, Esq., President, Col. James Risbee, Col. Geo. Logan
who quallified himself, Col. Hugh Grainge, Mr. John Guerard, and Capt. Benja.

Read a Letter from John Cockett dated from the Archpellauga Town informing the
Agent of the Kings wayting there for his Asistance in remooving their People to
their respective Townes. This Board taking into Concideration the Agent not
putting in Execution the Orders and Instructions given him by a Board of
Commissioners the 19th of March last past, and also of the Resolutions of a
Board of Commissioners the 14th Instant Aprill ordering the Agent to be called
to Account and his Bond put in Suitt against him. And upon hearing this Day Mr.
Wright, the Agent's, Reasons upon his not proceading according to Orders given
him whose Reasons are as followeth: To be furnishing the Church att Goose Creeke
with Materials for finishing the same; and some Part of his Time was taken up in
persuing Negroes which robbed him, which we thought not suffitient Reason to
stop him from his Agency. And for Attonement of his Loss of said Time offers his
Month's Salary to be and remain to the Use of the Publick.

And upon Consideration of the imediate occation of the Agent's goeing and being
amongst the Yamosee Indians according to the Instructions given him, do
imediately order him on said Voyge and Jurney to execute said Orders, on his
giving new Bond to put said Powers given him in Execution according to the Act.

By Reason one of his Securities is already gon off and Col. James Risbee
presently goeing to Jamaica; Mr. Agent, being called and having the Opinion of
the Board, answered that he would cease to be Agent.


April 20, 1711
Att a Board of Commissioners mett.

PRESENT: Richd. Berisford, Esq., President, Col. Geo. Logan, Col. James Risbee,
Col. Hugh Grange, and Mr. Jno. Guerard.

Taking under Consideration Mr. Wright's Answer of cesing from his Agency if his
Bond was put in Execution to avoyd the ill Consequence that may be committed
during his, the said Agent's, Absence in the Indian Settlements and his Bond not
to be found.

Therefore itt is resolved by this Board to desist from putting his Bond in
Execution according to our former Resolution untill the Meeting of the next
Assembly but to lay the Matters before them.

May the 12th, 1711.
Delivered Maj. Evans Wm. Canty, Jr.['s] Bond to sue for not taking out Licence.

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