Indian Trade, 14 MAR - 21 MAR 1711/12 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Indian Trade, 14 MAR - 21 MAR 1711/12
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 07, 1998

The Colonial Records of South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
The Indian Books:

March 14, 1711/12
Att a Board of Comissioners mett.  Esq., Col.

PRESENT: Richd. Beresford, Esq., President, Henry Wigginton, Geo. Logan, Mr.
John Guerrard) Capt. Benja. Quelch, and Col. Hugh Grainge.

John Wright, Esq., the Agent, attended and gave in his Jurnall of his
Proceadings to the Yamassee Indians &c. And also gave in severall Traders' Bonds
disclaming Rum and Relations' Debts', viz., from

 Saml. Warner
 John Hilliard
 Allexa. Mackey
 Danl. Callahane
 Thomas Simonds
 James Paterson
 Cornelius Macarty
 Saml. Hilden
 Shippy Allen
 Barnabas Gillard
 Richd. Hatcher
 Geo. Wright
 Wm. Ford
 Wm. Bray
 John Cochran
 Edwd. Nicols
 Evan Lewis
 John Hogg
 Allexa. Nicolas

And John Cockett's Bond to take out a Licence.

The Board enquired of the Agent the Reason of his not returning from Mr. Clea's
to Charles Town according to the Commissioners' Instructions and the Agent gave
his Reasons that he had left severall Differences undecided.

The Agent was asked if he intended to continew Agent and answered that he could
not goe any more on his Agency till he had received his Sallary from the

The Agent gave in Mr. Clea's Account for Provisions, &c. delivered to the
Indians. And allso the Agent's Charge of an Interpreter and Messingers.

Adjurned tell Tomorrow 7 a'Clock.

March 15, 1711/12
Att a Board of Comissioners mett.

PRESENT: Richd. Berrisford, Esq., President, Col. Geo. Logan, Col. Hugh Grainge,
Capt. Benja. Quelch, Mr. Jno. Guerrard, Mr. Ralph Izard, Capt. Peter Slann, and
Henry Wigginton, Esq.

John Wright, Esq., the Agent, attended and gave in his former Jurnall to the
Board; also a Memoriall formerly lade before this Board by the Agent was read
and ordered to be layd before the Assembly att their next Setting.

Then the Agent acquainted the Board that he seased from being Agent and gave his
Reasons in Writing to the Board till the farther Pleasure of the Assembly be

Read a Petition from John Cochran, Wm. Ford, John Frazer, Wm. Bray, Danl.
Callahane, Geo. Wright, Cornelius Mackarty and Saml. Warner against Mr. Hilden
which Petitioners ware ordered to attend the 15th April next.

Adjurned till the 21st, Instant.

March 21, 1711/12
Att a Board of Comissioners mett according to Adjurnment.

PRESENT: Richd. Berrisford, Esq., President, Col. Geo. Logan, Capt. Benja.
Quelch, Capt. Peter Slann, Mr. John Guerrard, Col. Hugh Grainge, and Mr. Ralph

Mr. John Wright, the late Agent, attended the Board and gave Information that
all the Traders had traded without Licences and desierd they might be
prossecuted on their severall Bonds.

Mr. Wright also informed that Mr. Wm. Bray had sent a Slave to War contrary to
the Commissioners' and Agent's Instructions. Mr. Wright also desiered the
Commissioners that the Evidences against Mr. John Cochran for his selling a free
Indian be sent for, viz.; Wm. Bray and his Wife, Capt. Wm. Maggot, John Frazer
and Tho. Simonds.

This Board taking into Concideration the Information given by Mr. Wright,
ordered that the Publick Receiver doe order the severall Persons to be forthwith
prossecuted by the Attornyes, as the Law directs.

Thomas Simonds attended the Commissioners and prayed the Favour of the Board
that his Bond might be given him up; he having sold his Debts and left of

Ordered that the said Simmons, upon his paying to the Publick Receiver the
Arreres due to the Publick, have his Bond delivered him. The said Simmons allso
prayed he might have Satisfaction for a Slave which Capt. Peterson extorted from

Ordered that the said Complaint be represented to the Assembly att their next


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