Indian Trade, 13 JUN 1711 - 27 JUL 1711 - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Indian Trade, 13 JUN 1711 - 27 JUL 1711
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: December 06, 1998

The Colonial Records of South Carolina
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
The Indian Books:

June 13, 1711
Att a Board of Commissioners mett.

PRESENT: Richd. Berresford, Esq., President, Col. Geo. Logan, Col. Hugh Grange,
Capt. Jno. Abr. Motte, Capt. Benja. Quelch, Mr. John Guerard, and Mr. John

Read 2 Letters from the Agent, Mr. Wright, att the Yamasees dated the 14th and
22nd May last upon which it is ordered that the President request the Cheif
Justice Trott not to admitt Mr. Henry Wigington to be of Councell for the Indian

Ordered that Col. Grange and Capt. Quelch doe lay before the Assembly (now
sitting) the two aforesaid Letters and desier their Resolutions as to the
Affaire of Capt. Peterson during his Stay amongs the Yamossee Indians.


July 26, 1711
Att a Board of Comissioners, mett.

PRESENT: Richd. Berrisford, Esq., President, Col. Geo. Logan, Mr. Jno. Guerrard,
Capt. Jno. Abr. Motte, Mr. John Raven, Capt. Peter Slann, and Capt. Benja.

Who finding themselves without a Secretary occationed by the Death of Mr. James
Ingerson, the late Secretary, and on thinking of a fit Person to offitiate as
Secretary to the Commissioners aforesaid, unanimously chose Mr. Thos. Barton
there Secretary.

Ordered that the Books, Papers and Records relating to this Board be sent for
From the late Secretary's, Mr. Ingerson. The which being brought and laid before
the said Board, the which said Books, Papers and Records ware and is hereby
immediately ordered into the Hands of the aforesaid Mr. Tho. Barton, the present
Secretary, and Instructions given him to enter farely in a Book the Transactions
of said Board as well before as what may hereafter bee.

A Motion being made by Mr. President that Mr. Wright being ready to attend
according to an Order of the Hous of Commons; ordered that the said Mr. Wright
doe now attend, and was imediately sent for. Mr. Wright appearing and being
asked by Mr. President if he was ready to enter into Bond, answered he had not
his Securities ready but would procure them against Satterday.

Adjurned till Tomorrow nine a'Clock.

July 27, 1711
Mett according to Adjurnment.

PRESENT: Richd. Berresford, Esq., President, Col. Geo. Logan, Capt. Jno. Abr.
Motte, Capt. Benja. Quelch, Mr. Jno. Guerrard, and Mr. John Raven.

Upon reading a Letter from Mr. Jno. Wright, Agent, dated the 16th June, 1711
From Saupalau Town with Complants of several of the Traders. The said Mr. Wright
being sent for and appearing, lay'd before the Board severall Bonds of the
Traders to procure Licences to trade, viz.,

 James Patteson,         his Bond
 Even Lewis's                 Do.
 Wm. Bray's                   Do.
 Saml. Hilden                 Do.
 George Wright                Do.
 John Frazier's               Do.
 Danl. Callahan's             Do.
 Wm. Ford's                   Do.
 Tho. Simond's                Do.
 Tho. Seebrook's              Do.
 Alexa. Mackey's              Do.

 Saml. Warner's              Bond
 Nicho. Day's                 Do.
 Richd. Hacher's              Do.
 Edwd. Nichols'               Do.
 Tho. Ayres'                  Do.
 Edmd. Ellis'                 Do.
 Alexa. Nicholas'             Do.
 John Hogg's                  Do.
 Barnaby Gilbert              Do.
 Capt. John Cochran's         Do.

And also gave Information of severall Cheif Men of the Yamossees which came down
to make Complaints against several Traders. Ordered that the said Indians doe
now attend this Board, and also Mr. John Cockett and Mr. Wm. Bray to be
Interpreters. The Indians and the two Interpreters accordingly attended and the
Interpreters ware sworn and declares as followes:

That an Agent having bin sent up amongst them to redress their Greivances and to
acquaint them that their Rum Debts shoold be forgiven them, they were come down
to know if they might depend upon that Assurance. Mr. President answered that
the said Agent was sent by this Board to redress their Grievances and had
ordered with the Assembly that their Rum Debts shoold not be paid. Mr. President
also acquainted the said Indians that itt was impossible att this Distance wholy
to restrane the Traders from carrying up Rum and advised them to lay what
Restraint they could upon their People to prevent their buying Rum from the

Mr. President acquainted the Indians that the Agent had Orders to inform them
that they ware not obliged to pay their Relation[s'] Debts which they had not
ingaged for. And also advised the Indians to use their utmost Indevor to pay
their just Debts and for the Future to take care not to run in Debt with the
Traders. The Indians answered they were preparing to goe to War and a'hunting to
pay their Debts. The Indians complained that several white Persons are setled
within the Limitts of their Settlement, whereby the said Indians are damnified
by the Stock of the white Men. Mr. President answered they shoold be protected
in the Possession of their Land and that those Persons who are setled within
their Limitts shoold effectualy be prosecuted. The Indians also acquainted this
Board that they had further Complaints to make.

Adjurned till Tomorrow eight a'Clock.

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