Re: Indian ancestors,Laurens,SCbef 1814 - C. Coats-Siercks
Subject: Re: Indian ancestors,Laurens,SCbef 1814
From: C. Coats-Siercks
Date: June 28, 1998

The Cherokee Nation was removed from SC in 1838, the process of course 
started prior to that but that is the official date I believe and there 
are several eastern rolls during that time period, the Chapman and 
Drennen come to mind although I don't recall their exact dates...there 
were however, several other tribes that were removed prior to that, one 
being the Creek...but they were both removed to OK...a lot of Indians 
during that period would not admit their native heritage or tore up 
their if they went into GA about that time that might be 
the case as well....Charlotte

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Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 23:38:29 EDT
Subject: Indian ancestors,Laurens,SCbef 1814
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From: (Helen Austin, Decatur, AL)   [email protected]

What records may be found for Indian ancestors who lived in the vicinity 
Old 96 District, or Laurens Co, SC during the colonial period and up to 

I have a Mary Catherine"Polly" whose father was "said" to be a Dick 
TE-NE-AH.  Some say she was "Polly" BONDS.  Some say her mother was a 
All (interviews with descendants) say she was full blood indian, perhaps
Certainly Polly was born in 1814 in Laurens Co, SC. She married Hugh 
HENDERSON b 1814 in Laurens Co, SC and son of James.  They probably 
married in
Gwinett Co, GA bef 1834.

This would have been before the government records of Indians, right ?  
Or did
the early SC government or individual counties keep any census or 
records for
the Indians in their district ?

I would appreciate some advice for trying to find her ancestry.
I do see BONDS, TINNY, TINSLEY in the census records of both Laurens Co, 
for Gwinett Co, GA where they removed before 1830.

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