Indian ancestors,Laurens,SCbef 1814 - Austinart
Subject: Indian ancestors,Laurens,SCbef 1814
From: Austinart
Date: June 28, 1998

From: (Helen Austin, Decatur, AL)   [email protected]

What records may be found for Indian ancestors who lived in the vicinity of
Old 96 District, or Laurens Co, SC during the colonial period and up to 1820.

I have a Mary Catherine"Polly" whose father was "said" to be a Dick TINNY or
TE-NE-AH.  Some say she was "Polly" BONDS.  Some say her mother was a KEZIAH.
All (interviews with descendants) say she was full blood indian, perhaps
Certainly Polly was born in 1814 in Laurens Co, SC. She married Hugh Mahaffey
HENDERSON b 1814 in Laurens Co, SC and son of James.  They probably married in
Gwinett Co, GA bef 1834.

This would have been before the government records of Indians, right ?  Or did
the early SC government or individual counties keep any census or records for
the Indians in their district ?

I would appreciate some advice for trying to find her ancestry.
I do see BONDS, TINNY, TINSLEY in the census records of both Laurens Co, and
for Gwinett Co, GA where they removed before 1830.

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