RE: Index to the Co Wills of SC\Wrong subject line - gslat
Subject: RE: Index to the Co Wills of SC\Wrong subject line
From: gslat
Date: January 16, 2000

I think I missed something here, please correct me if I am wrong.
The subject line reads Wills of SC, yet the content is about Revels family 
of Florida.
Wanting to read about Wills of SC, I did not delete, and ended up with 
Revels.  In Florida no less.

I have info on Peacock and on Howell.  I am definitely interested in Howell 
as a Howell in Florida burnt down my aunts house killing her 3 kids in 


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Subject:	Re: Index to the Co Wills of SC

I am interested in your Revels line.  Do you have Revels family in 
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From: A1andA3 
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Date: Friday, January 14, 2000 7:55 PM
Subject: Re: Index to the Co Wills of SC

>    Which Thames' are you searching for?  I have Thames and Howell in my
>Andrea J. HICKMAN-Figueroa
>Orlando, Florida
>Surnames Researching:
>Aaron, Ale'a , Arrington , Beck , Broadhead, Brodhead , Bryan/Bryant ,
Burlason , Cortina , Figueroa , Gonzalez , Headley / Hudley , Henley ,
Hickman , Hickmon , Howell , Johnson , Kelly/Kelley , Landrum, Langston
Martin , Matthews /Mathews/Mathis , McCary ,McWaters , Millikin, Mintz ,
Morejon , Ogden , Peacock, Pearson, Pedden , Reeves , Revell , Revels ,
Sellers , Stanaland , Stokes , Thames.

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