Re: Index to the Co Wills of SC - Mary
Subject: Re: Index to the Co Wills of SC
From: Mary
Date: January 24, 2000

I thought of you when I saw this today/Mary
Galatea,In a book in the Longview library-I only have noted Red River Ark on
page 53 is this write up-In 1817 Wm Gentry from Stewart Co Tenn and his
bro-in-law James Ward also from Tenn settled in Clark(now Pike)co Ark.They
located on Wolf Creek on the east side of the Southwest Trail which was also
referred to as the military or public road.The early court records indicate
a Tyre(tirey)Gentry thought to be the father if Wm Gentry and Samuel Narrad
father of Jane Gentry wife of Wm Gentry were early settlers of Clark Co
Ark.Wm Gentry and James Ward entered section 35 in Township 8,So of Range 23
West.To the east on the Clark Co side of the Antoine bayou near Wolf Creek
in Section 25,David Edmiston from Tenn settled in 1818.End of article.Also
in that print(think a gen. magazine colledn)shows a bible record of James
Madison Gentry,son of Wm Gentry and Jane Narrad. Looking for bible owner who
is unknown-noted by Pike Co Archives and Hist. Soc. Hope this is

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Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2000 12:44 PM
Subject: RE: Index to the Co Wills of SC

> Would you please check GENTRY and also James WARD.
> I have done look ups before and I know the Lord must truly bless a
> person that has the patience.
> LaDonna
> Researching: LEE - RAY - McGLOCKLIN - SKAGGS - WARD - WARD - These are
> BRICK walls.

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