RE: INDEX to the CO WILLS of SC - Heidi Sciacca Surgery
Subject: RE: INDEX to the CO WILLS of SC
From: Heidi Sciacca Surgery
Date: January 20, 2000

There were many Halls throughout the book and too many to list. You may want
to consider buying the book as it is well worth the money. It is called
"Indexes to the County Wills of South Carolina" compiled by Martha Lou
Houston. I ordered it through Barnes-Noble. However, Here are some of the
other names you requested:
Chester Co
LETSINGER, John Sr, vol 1, 1806-10, section D, p 47

Darlington Co
FULLER, Elizabeth, vol 2, 1836-53, section D, p 378

Note: Laurens Co had several other Fullers, but again, too many to list.

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Subject: INDEX to the CO WILLS of SC

>I know you had no Fullers are Darnall(Darnell) in Chester county but do you
find ANY
>anywhere in South Carolina? I am desperate.Hall and Letsinger are two other
names I am interested in in S.C. Any help would be appreciated.Hate to be a
>[email protected]

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