RE: Index to the Co Wills of SC - Heidi Sciacca Surgery
Subject: RE: Index to the Co Wills of SC
From: Heidi Sciacca Surgery
Date: January 14, 2000

I don't see any HERRINGs in Edgefield, but there is what I did find:
p.s. Hope they're not "Red" Herrings (sorry, couldn't resist)

Anderson Co.
Name: HERRING, William
Vol:	1
Date: 1800-1834
Page: 139

Marion Co.
Name: HERRING, Arthur 
Vol. 2
Page: 50

Spartanburg Co.
Name: HERRING, Edward
Date: 1787-1820
Section: A
Page: 27

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Subject: Re: Index to the Co Wills of SC

Thanks so much Heide, it is really great that you would offer to do this.

I am looking for any HERRINGS in Edgefield or Saluda County, SC.

Thanks again,


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