INCIDENTS: A Glimpse at Future Chapters - ELIZABETH RUSSO
Subject: INCIDENTS: A Glimpse at Future Chapters
Date: October 31, 1998

Being New England where I now live, I had to attend to the many leaves
in my yard today.  I got to rediscover the outdoors!  For I've been
nose-to-computer for eight straight days, from 12 to 16 hours per day.
So I'm taking a small break from the 5-posts-per-day pace.  Looking
ahead, I have assigned headings to future chapters as follows:

Greensboro 1834 Annual Conference  
Princely Hospitality
Body of Noble Men
Pudding Sermons
First Great Revival in Greensboro
Battling the Devil from Presbyterian Heights
The Road from Selma to Greensboro
French Vineyards in Alabama
Mission Work Among the Africans
Slave Trade in Charleston
Ministry in the Black Belt Before and After The War
A Chapel for the Slaves
The Mysterious Process of Assigning Preachers
Union Church
Greensboro Pastors
Graves' Campground
Riverside Conversion
Greensboro Circuit Riders
Roll Call of Ministers
Methodist Centenary 
Vernon-A Spot Never to Be Forgotten

May we all remember our saints tomorrow.  I know at least three I'd like
to mention:

My father, DR. H.L. DUBOIS (1920-1995)--Love you Dad! I know you are
always with me!
His mother, JENNIE MAY STARK DUBOIS (1891-1965)--Until Dad joined you
"across the beautiful river", I know you were carefully looking over me.
And REV. HENRY HARRIS SLATON DUBOIS (1878-1962), my father's father,
who, like his grandfather REV. JOHN ELMORE DUBOIS before him, left the
state of his birth to seek his fortune and follow his heart, and then
heard the call of the Methodist ministry.

From these three, I knew love, patience, kindness, compassion, honor,
justice, fairness, duty to community.

They inspired in me a love of learning (Jennie was a rare 1913 college
granduate who was a lifelong teacher), a love of music, a love of
people, and a love of God.

The earthly possessions they left behind were books, letters, pictures,
and Bibles; but the gifts they gave me of time and inspiration are

Happy All Saints Eve--

Elizabeth DuBois Russo

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