Subject: INCIDENTS--More information
Date: November 10, 1998

I am pausing now with the postings of my gggrandfather's INCIDENTS
series, as he did over 100 years ago.

Despite his "fond farewell" in INCIDENTS #57, Rev. John's writings were
apparently popular enough in the 1880s that the editor urged him to
resume his writing career. 

However, I know I need a break, and I suspect that listmembers do as

Future plans:

Rev. John published several, if not many, more articles.  Additionally,
he saved in his scrapbook of newspaper clippings numerous articles that
are either unattributed, and many by other authors.

Furthermore, due to kindnesses of many listmembers and their contacts, I
have  more information on the early histories of Charleston and Alabama

I am working on completing the manuscript and hope to have these
articles printed in book form soon.  I also plan to have a comprehensive
index of the information and surnames that I have in my possession; I
plan to post this index on my web page that I am building.

For future "Incidents" postings and postings of a similar nature, I
intend to pare back to two mail lists--the SC-Genealogy-L list and the
Alabama-L list--and I plan to divide my postings according to the state
list that is most appropriate.  E.g., future postings on Charleston
Methodists will appear on the SC-Genealogy-L list, and those pertaining
to Alabama will appear on the Alabama-L list.

Much of this material will no doubt form the basis of some articles
appearing next year in various Alabama Heritage books.

I'd like to thank EVERYONE!!! for your kindnesses and patience
consistently shown to me.

And please, I ask that you search the archives rather than ask me for a
"lookup".  Eventually, I hope to have the information within my
possession available on the web.  I have over 650 emails in my inbox at
the moment; I have received over 3000 in the past three weeks (with
fewer than 10 being unfriendly.)

BUT! Your family information--if it is related to early Methodism--is
most welcome if you would be interested in a compilation of genealogies
that I currently plan as a companion volume or as appendices.

AND! Your "fan mail" has not only been personally extremely rewarding,
but perhaps also useful in interesting someone, somewhere, in publishing
these materials.

Elizabeth DuBois Russo

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