Date: October 28, 1998

Following is a partial list of surnames appearing in the "Incidents and
Characters" series of articles that I have been posting.  Those who have
been requesting "lookups", please realize that I cannot do this right
now, as I need to keep working on the transcription and lookups will be
certainly more doable once the book is completed.  Thank you everyone
for your generous, supportive comments and your patience.

Abernathy, Rev. Thomas
Andrew, Moses
Bell, W.W
Bell, Rev.William
Bird, Miss Jaqueline
Blue, O.R.
Boatwright, Rev. Mr.
Boring, Dr.
Boucher, Joshua
Butcher, J.
Capel, Brittain
Clinton, T.
Crawford, A.J.
DeYampert, Rev. L.Q.G.
Dickens, Robert
Dorman, T.W.
Earnest, Bro., Col.
Elmore, Gen. J.
Garrett, Greenberry
Gellespie, C.C.
Gillespy, C.G.
Glover, Mr.
Hamilton, Jefferson
Hargrove, R.K.
Harrison, Edmund
Hatch, Mr. Alfred
Hawkins, J.O.T.
Hendon, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Hendrick, Mr.
Hicks, Zephaniah
Hillhouse, Rev
Houck, Mr. Joseph W.
Jackson, Absalom
Jemison, William
Jemison, Robert
Johnson, Thos. M.
Jordan, Archie
Keener, Bishop Jno. C.
Kennon, Charles
Kennon, R.L.
King, George C., sheriff
Koger, Rev Jef.
Lambuth, Rev. Mr.
Ledbetter, Thos E.
Levert, Rev E. V.
Massengale, Leroy
McPhail, Hugh
Mims, Seaborn
Mims, Shadrach
Moore, J.S.
Neely, Rev. P.P.
Oliver, C.D
Patton, Samuel
Peterson, Rev. F.M.
Pirtle, C.
Ramsey, T.Y.
Rowland, Mr. William
Sawyer, T.B.
Smith, Mr.
Summers, T.O.
Tally, Alexander
Terry, Eli
Terry, Rev. William
Thomas, WW
Thomas, W.W.
Urquhart, H.
Wadsworth, Dr.
Walker, Joseph
Walthal, Mr. R.
Walton, Capt. Jno. W.
Whetstone, Henry
Whetstone, Jacob
Williams, Louisa
Williams, Jas.O.
Williams, Nancy
Wills, J.C.
Wills, Prof. J.C.
Wilson, Rev. L.M.
Witherspoon, Syd.

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