Date: October 28, 1998


I would like to thank everyone in your wonderful support in the postings
I have been making.  I have received over 500 emails over the past few
days on this topic, and am rapidly falling behind in answering them.

Again, I would dearly love to hear from anyone with an anecdote, family
tree, etc. related to any of the names or topics that I am posting.

Please realize, though, that what I am doing is transcribing from a copy
of a scrapbook that has newspaper clippings from the Alabama Christian
Advocate and other publications from around 1860 - 1887.   In talking to
the archivist of the General Commission on Archives and History of the
United Methodist Church, I have been informed that these newspapers are
nowhere on microfilm.  He also is not aware of where these newspapers
would otherwise be found.

As a part of the transcription process, I am typing the entries into
WordPerfect in book format, then copying and pasting to the lists as I
go.  I have gotten only to page 15 out of a scrapbook of 107 pages.  And
then there is another file full of articles that were not published as a

I have spent the better part of two days trying to generate a table of
contents and an index, as well as working on an outline for the
remainder of these articles.  I am also trying to find out how to start
a new list such as a "Methodist-L" list or an ecumenical list such as is
available to the Mormon researchers.

Finally, a draft of the first few chapters have been faxed to a
publisher.  I hope to send out other drafts soon.  This is all very new
to me!  Anyway, I will let everyone know  when this becomes a book. 
Anyone wishing to contribute stories and descendant outlines, etc.,
please let me know.

See my next post for a list of surnames typed up so far.


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