Subject: INCIDENTS Help!
Date: November 01, 1998

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and generous
support of the INCIDENTS postings.

Now, I have a favor to ask in return.


First, looking for JOHN ELMORE DUBOIS(e) in AL, 1840 and later.
2) Looking for PETER DUBOIS(e) in SC, 1790 and later.
3) Looking for PETER DUBOIS(e) in AL, 1830 and later.

REV. JOHN ELMORE DUBOIS came to Alabama from Charleston, SC; he moved
around several counties while in Alabama.  His father, PETER DUBOIS, was
a Methodist minister in CHARLESTON.  

What I do not know is 1) the slave-owning history of this family
		      2) whether REV. PETER DUBOIS (b. 1773 in St. Thomas/St. Denis
Parish, SC), his wife, or how many of his other children moved to AL
		      3) where PETER DUBOIS died.

From the Internet, I already have the following:
1830 Perry County

79      Deboise, Jr. John  3       1       3       
79      Deboise, Peter     2       2       1       

1840 Perry County Index
Dubois, Peter     p. 262

Thank you!!!

Elizabeth DuBois Russo

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