Subject: INCIDENTS #56
Date: November 10, 1998



The Reverend John Elmore DuBois

Edited by Elizabeth A. DuBois
(c) 1998  DuBois Publishing Co, Simsbury, Connecticut. All rights


Greensboro Circuit Riders
Roll Call of Ministers

	In finishing my incidents of early Methodism in Charleston, S.C. and
Alabama it might not be amiss to give the names of ministers serving the
Church in Greensboro, who kept the fires burning upon her altars.
Greensboro did not become a station until 1837.  From the records
furnished by Rev. F.M. Peterson, the first given are E.V. LeVert and C.
Pirtle.  My acquaintance with Greensboro began in 1825.  It was then
supplied by Circuit Riders T.S. Abernethy, J.O.T. Hawkins, ----- Burpo,
T. Clinton, J. Butcher, and Hugh McPhail.  In 1839, J.M. Boatright;
1840, W.W. Thomas; W.W. Bell, 1841; T.W. Dorman, 1842-43; Thos. Capers,
1844-45; T.P.C.Shelman, 1847-48; C.D. Oliver, 1849-50; A.H. Powell,
1851-52; J.J. Hutchinson, 1853; C.C. Calloway, 1854-55; Ed. Wadsworth,
1856-57; W. Shapherd, 1858-59; R.K. Hargrove, 1863; T.Y. Ramsey,
1864-65; J.S. Moore, 1869-70-71; O.R. Blue, 1874; H. Erquhart, 1875;
J.Lewis, 1876 to 1880; F.M. Peterson, 1881-82.  The names omitted in the
list given to me were T.B. Sawyer, Charles Kennon, R.L. Kennon, C.C.
Gillespie, R.L. Kennon to secure salary, had to take in Marion, Perry
county.  While it was connected with the circuit, the house of Mr.
Robert Dickens was the home of the preachers.  T.W. Dorman was the first
that occupied a parsonage.  Dr. Wm. Jones offered a small unfinished
house during his life time.  To make it habitable would require about
$150, and as the Doctor was not willing to give an instrument of
writing, the stewards would not furnish the money.  Upon a discussion
the Doctor was a little vexed, and assumed the debt and entertained Mr.
Dormon and family until the house was fit for use.  The stewards then
appropriated $212, and Mr. Dormon agreed to take provisions from country
members for quarterage, the stewards giving him carte blanche for any
deficiency.  Mr. Dormon, having a fine horse, made amends for the
kindness of the members by making them frequent visits.  This
information was kindly furnished me by Mr. Dormon's daughters from their
father's journal.  This house was at different times enlarged and made
comfortable by the stewards, but thinking they had enjoyed it
sufficiently long, bought a lot with an indifferent house upon it which
was occupied by T.C. Weir and J. S. Moore.

[To be continued]

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