Subject: INCIDENTS #55
Date: November 09, 1998



The Reverend John Elmore DuBois

Edited by Elizabeth A. DuBois
(c) 1998  DuBois Publishing Co, Simsbury, Connecticut. All rights


In retracing my experience, I concluded this was the evidence of my
conversion which took place at the moment when I resolved to give myself
to the service of God.  But as the meeting progressed and many seemed to
be so overpoweringly happy, my mind became a little disturbed and
gloomy.  Finally the hour to close the meeting came.  Reader, have you
ever witnessed the last morning of a camp-meeting?  The wagons are all
loaded, the children collected, and the tent-holders and a few visitors
assemble under the arbor, in response to the solemn call of the horn. 
The last prayer is offered, the right hand of fellowship is given, the
last song, the pious tear and the affectionate good-bye.  It was at such
an hour as this and under such circumstances as these, that a merchant
of our town, who had previously been attending our young men's prayer
meetings in Vernon, asked me if I intended to go to a camp meeting to be
held in a few days in Pleasant Valley. I saw at once that he was under
deep conviction.  Immediately my doubts and gloom all fled.

Riverside Conversion

	We were soon on our way home.  I began to relate my experience; and as
I advanced my feelings warmed up.  I was walking and he riding.  We were
crossing a brook.  His horse stopped to drink.  I was greatly affected,
and saw that he was deeply interested.  While his horse was drinking
quite a crowd came up.  The Spirit of the Lord descended upon me and
simultaneously he was converted.  He dropped the reins of his bridle and
yelled like an Indian.  The people who had come up got out of their
wagons, carriages and buggies, shouting and praising God, and several,
as I was told, were savingly converted.  The merchant above mentioned is
now ever ninety years of age, and still lives true to his vows and full
of the Spirit and grace of God.

[To be continued tomorrow]

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