Subject: INCIDENTS #50
Date: November 08, 1998



The Reverend John Elmore DuBois

Edited by Elizabeth A. DuBois
(c) 1998  DuBois Publishing Co, Simsbury, Connecticut. All rights

Greensboro's Heavy Burden

	I called as directed by the Presiding Elder, and was informed that C.D.
Oliver, with a wife and two children, had been appointed to Greensboro. 
This was not quite what I had asked for in the way of numbers, but I
felt we were fully compensated in quality, even though it had to be
worked by inversed ratio.

	Soon after my departure from Tuscaloosa, a combination of circumstances
necessitated a change.  Oliver was withdrawn, and Mr. Shelman, with a
wife and seven children, put in his place!  Jefferson Hamilton was sent
post haste to notify the people of Greensboro; to explain, and then to
pacify all discordant elements, and to pave the way for the reception of
the heavy burden.  With his accustomed sagacity and forecast, his genial
manner and great power over men, he soon had everything as calm as a
troubled sea after a storm, so that the preacher and his family were
received with open arms and welcomed to a generous home.  Acting thus in
obedience to the powers that be, we were greatly blessed, for in the
closing up of his pastoral duties for the year, he called in help and we
had a glorious revival, realizing the truth of the proverb that "a bad
beginning makes a good ending."

	The next session of the Conference sent the Rev. William Bell.  He was
a man eminent for his piety and zeal for the cause, but was so
unacceptable to the people of his charge that it amounted almost to a
rebellion.  Indeed, some of the wealthier members refused to accept him
as their pastor; but through the determined efforts of the "faithful
few", everything moved on, the preacher grew in favor with all classes,
and by the close of the year he had won the esteem and good will of all,
received his full salary, and went up to the Conference with a good
report.  He finally located, moved to Mansfield, LA, and died in the
triumphs of faith-honored and respected by all who knew him.

[To be continued tomorrow]

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