Subject: INCIDENTS #45
Date: November 05, 1998



The Reverend John Elmore DuBois

Edited by Elizabeth A. DuBois
(c) 1998  DuBois Publishing Co, Simsbury, Connecticut. All rights

FIFTEEN [cont.]

In Greensboro, every Sabbath afternoon was devoted to the Negroes, and
they enjoyed the preaching of every minister stationed in the place.
Indeed, the first talent of the Church, from the earliest days of our
organization to the close of the war, ministered to them with an earnest
zeal. In the brightest days of the place, when the Southern University
was in its glory, and boasted a faculty second to no institution of the
kind in our country, its leading members, Drs. Wightman, Wadsworth, and
Wills, took pleasure in preaching to, and instructing the Negroes, while
the Rev. Urquhart, then a student in the University, now the residing
Elder of the District, served them with marked success and ability.

	Every year we held for them protracted meetings. These were to them
seasons of great pleasure and happiness. While they were allowed to give
expression to their emotional natures in outbursts of enthusiastic shout
and song, they were, nevertheless, restrained from improprieties, and
taught to worship God as God, in spirit and in truth. By permissions,
they flocked to these meetings in vast crowds. And hundreds of them were
converted and joined our branch of the Church, many of whom are to this
day faithful and consistent Christians.

	Every honest man from the North, who had an opportunity of witnessing
the religious devotions of the Negro before the war, under our
administration, and has enjoyed the same opportunity since the war under
the guidance and direction of the Northern Church, must cry out, "Why
were the former days better than these?"

[To be continued]

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