Subject: INCIDENTS #26
Date: October 30, 1998



The Reverend John Elmore DuBois

Edited by Elizabeth A. DuBois
(c) 1998  DuBois Publishing Co, Simsbury, Connecticut. All rights


Keeping the Sabbath

	Pardon me for introducing just here an incident in which I was an
actor.  It shows the superiority of example over precept and the power
of consistency. In Perry county, in the neighborhood of Mr. R. Walthal
and Mr. DeYampert it was a common practice with the people to violate
the Sabbath, by using it to make two loads of cotton a week to market. 
Of course ministers arrayed themselves against it and did all they could
to dissuade the people from so wicked a practice, but seemingly with
little effect. 

	It happened that I had to assist my mother-in-law in removing from
Coosada to Perry county.  We started with a train of wagons, horses,
cattle, etc., in time to reach home by Saturday night, but from the
adverse events usually incident to such expeditions, we only reahed the
Campground in a few miles of home.  Here, at considerable expense, we
must remain all day Sunday, or violate the Sabbath, and thus do what I
have publicly condemned.  We remained.  The day was pleasantly and
profitably spent.  Many of the neighbors came in and we had a delightful
time; and Mr. Abernathy afterward told me that this one act did more to
restrain that community from Sabbath breaking than all our preaching on
the subject.  So you see that consistency is better than precept.

	At this Campground a circuit preacher, whose name I shall not call,
gave us a powerful sermon.  He seemed to be in the spirit, and burdened
with the weight of souls.  His discourses had a good effect and elevated
him in the esteem of the people.   Some time after this, Mr. Abernathy
invited myself and wife, together with a few other friends to a dining
at his house.  This same minister was to make one of the party.  My
wife, who was young in her religious experience, and who had heard the
sermon just mentioned, expected to be greatly edified and benefitted by
his conversation; but instead of a religious treat and a spiritual
feast, she was mortified by a prolific array of silly and disgusting
anecdotes.  But enough for this time.

[To be continued.]

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