Subject: INCIDENTS #20
Date: October 28, 1998



The Reverend John Elmore DuBois

Edited by Elizabeth A. DuBois
(c) 1998  DuBois Publishing Co, Simsbury, Connecticut. All rights

Seven (cont.)

	At the close of this year, I made arrangements to engage in business
with Robert Jemison of Perry county.

Double Wedding

On the 6th day of January, 1825, I consummated the most important
engagement of my life, by being united in marriage to Miss Louisa
Williams, a niece of General J. Elmore, of that county.  At the same
time and place,  Mr. Joseph W. Houck, who came with me from Charleston
to Alabama was married to Miss Nancy Williams, a sister of my wife.
	Fifty-seven years have passed.  We were all young then, but how is it
now?  Alas! I alone of the four am left.  But the pleasant romance of
that delightful hour still lingers, green and fresh in the memory of an
old man, and she who in maiden beauty stood at his side, now smiles upon
him in his peaceful dreams, and beckons him to the other shore. 
Glorious hoped to think that we soon shall meet to part no more.  How
soothing under such circumstances is the Christian's hope, growing
brighter and brighter as old age steals upon us and vision fades to
earthly things.  It is then that the Lord draws nearer to us and throws
his protecting arm about us.  It is then that we hear the comforting
assurance "Lo! I am with thee." He never forsakes the Christian in
trouble --no, never! Truly I can say, "I have been young and now I am
old, yet have I never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging

[Tomorrow:  The Levert sons' letter to the editor & Rev. DuBois'
response; "Oh! For a Mims!"; Building Churches; Free Masons; Keeping the
Sabbath; A Study in Contrasts; Camp Meetings; Preach Frolic; Out-praying
the Priest]

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