Subject: INCIDENTS #16
Date: October 28, 1998



The Reverend John Elmore DuBois

Edited by Elizabeth A. DuBois
(c) 1998  DuBois Publishing Co, Simsbury, Connecticut. All rights

FIVE (cont.)

Good Preachers

	Meredith Kennon and Peyton Graves were succeeded by Joshua Boucher and
E. V. Levert.  These were both good preachers.  They shaped their
circuit like the figure (8) eight.  The cross, or meeting point was at
Vernon.  Here they spent their rest days and these were to us seasons of
great refreshing and delight.

	Here allow me to relate an incident in the life of E. V. Levert, which
may prove a comfort to the descendants of the parties mentioned, and
which should strengthen and encourage some of our young preachers who
may now be under a cloud.  For this incident I am indebted to Col.
Earnest of Birmingham, one of the pioneer Methodists of Alabama, a man
alike distinguished for his purity of character and exemplary Christian

	E.V. Levert's first year was on the Tuscaloosa circuit, which extended
From Tuscaloosa to Blountsville.  He was then junior preacher under the
late Dr. Samuel Patton.  After making his first round, he became very
much discouraged, so much so that he determined to leave the work.  He
could not sing, preach or exhort, and was utterly cast down.  

	Fortunately for him and the good of the cause, there lived in Jefferson
county at the time  one Rev. James Tarrant, a most excellent local
preacher, a man eminent for his many virtues and sound judgement.  To
him Levert unbosomed himself freely.  Mr. Tarrant advised him not to
leave his work, but to hold on and carry out the orders of the
Conference.  He told him that it would disgrace him and might ruin his
usefulness as a man.  He also told him that he could continue at least
until Conference and then if he still felt that he was not called to the
ministry, he could surrender his credentials and be honorably
discontinued.  This advice was adopted and faithfully carried out as the
sequel will show.

	In 1841 or 1842 E.V. Levert was made the Presiding Elder of Tuscaloosa
District, which then covered a large area of country.  At his first
quarterly meeting for Jones' Valley circuit, in a very touching and
pathetic manner, he attended to the circumstances above cited and said
that he had been told that old Bro. Tarrant had some children living in
the country that were not only out of the Church, but perhaps tinged
with infidelity; and that if he could be the humble instrument of their
conversion though their father was in heaven, he should feel that he had
done the noblest work that could be done to compensate for the kindness
of the sainted dead.  It is a remarkable coincidence that he was the
instrument in the conversion of all his children that were then out of
the Church.  The Rev. Benj. Tarrant, who was at the time a professed
skeptic, was soundly converted joined the Church, became one of the
first local preachers of the country and received into the Church in
Jefferson county more members than any other man.  About ten years ago
he went to meet his sainted father and his cherished friend E.V. Levert.

	I thank Bro. Earnest for this incident.  The moral is too plain to need
pointing.  Let our young preachers remember that it is not well to be
cast down by trifles; and the older ones, that it is their duty to
encourage and counsel them.

	I knew Bro. Levert well and intimately.  He was an eloquent preacher. 
At one time he was as popular as P. P. Neely in his palmiest days.  But
his preaching was not uniform.  While he often surpassed expectation, he
sometimes fell below it.  His failures were the result of negligence and
a want of application.  Few men possessed superior natural powers.  But
I must close.

Jno. DuBois
Eutaw, Ala.

[To be cont...]

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