Subject: INCIDENTS #15
Date: October 27, 1998



The Reverend John Elmore DuBois

Edited by Elizabeth A. DuBois
(c) 1998  DuBois Publishing Co, Simsbury, Connecticut. All rights

FIVE (cont.)

A Surprise Visit

Late one evening in December, 1822, after the busy inmates of our
pleasant home had come in from their labors, a venerable stranger rode
up and asked to be entertained for the night.  He was kindly received by
Mr. Mims, our generous host, and was soon seated before a glowing fire
that threw its cheerful light and radiant heat over all around.  The
tall and commending figure of the stranger, his elegant manners and
pleasant and dignified conversation, inspired everyone with a desire to
know who he was.  Tea was soon announced, and after a good supper, Mr.
Mims proffered to show him to his room that he might retire early and
take a good night's rest.  It was our class meeting night and Mr. Mims
so announced to him by way of courtesy.  He said he was not much
fatigued, that he was refreshed by his supper and that it would be his
pleasure to go with us.  

	Arnold Campbell, a local preacher, was our class leader.  He was a
young man, but zealous in all good works.  Our place of meeting was in
the Academy.  After the leader had discharged his duty to each member of
the class, he then addressed himself to the visitor whose response was
so full, simple and eloquent, that we were all deeply impressed, and
still more anxious to know the stranger; be the conventional code and
principle modesty of our society would not allow us to be very
inquisitive under any circumstances, and especially to strangers.

	When we reached the inn, on our return from the services, Mr. Mims
again offered to conduct him to his room, but he replied, "Before
retiring let us have prayers".  The Book was handed, an appropriate
lesson read, and then followed such a prayer as we have seldom heard. 
By this time curiosity as at its height.

	Bro. Campbell and some others went with him to his room.  Without
further ceremony Bro Campbell asked him if he would preach for him the
next day, promising to secure for a congregation.  He said, "How do you
know that I am a preacher?  I guess you would like to know who I am.  I
am Robert R. Roberts." So, by entertaining a stranger, we had the honor
of entertaining a live Bishop unawares.  He consented to preach, and did
so the next day, very much to the edification and spiritual profit of
the people and took his leave to the regions far beyond, expressing
himself as much pleased with his sojourn among us, as we were delighted
and profited by his visit.

[To be continued.]

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