Re: Inappropriate and Off Topic - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Re: Inappropriate and Off Topic
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: August 19, 1998

Yes, it has been expanded beyond the merits of the issue.  It was initially a
minor thing, with a pretty minor response.  Then, I apparently became confused
about who I was responding to and mistook their comments as a challenge from
you, which they weren't.  I then responded to what I had wrongly taken as a
challenge.  Neither you nor Cathy are to blame for this being blown out of
proportion.  It was my mistake which caused it.  I would have responded sooner,
but I haven't checked the email since yesterday and didn't realize what had
happened until tonight.  Mistakes happen.

I apologize to you and Cathy for the misunderstanding and resulting reaction.

Steve Coker (One of many)

Faye Dyess wrote:
> I am Faye Dyess, I speak for no One but Faye Dyess, I felt the need to make
> a comment, I did so.   Isn't this getting slightly blown out of shape?
> Faye (the one and only)

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