Re: Inappropriate and Off Topic - Snismelley
Subject: Re: Inappropriate and Off Topic
From: Snismelley
Date: August 18, 1998

In a message dated 98-08-18 21:58:19 EDT, you write:

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I am a new subscriber to this digest.  I am very  upset with what I am
reading.  I signed up with this list to try to learn more about my ancestors
but lately all I am receiving are arguments and reading what others are doing
wrong.  If someone needs to be corrected please e-mail them instead of sharing
it with all of us.  I expect something ( and I'm sure others agree) to be done
to end this or I will no longer be subscribing to this list!  We have enough
problem going on in our lives not to have to deal with the digest's problems


Sherry Smelley

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