Re: Re: Inabinet - Tony and Julie Howell
Subject: Re: Re: Inabinet
From: Tony and Julie Howell
Date: January 12, 2001

hi jessica - have you checked on  ?  there are scads of
INABINETs and INABINETTEs from the orangeburg/orangeburg county, s.c. area:
Adrian, Agnes, Alonza, Alta, Andrew J, Andrew T, Andrew, Angeline, Catherine,
Elizabeth, Elvira, Eugenia, Margaret, Mary, Absolom, Anna, Annie Magnolia,
Baldhazar, Caroline, Carrie, Caspar, and Christian.  there also seems to be a
strong tie to switzerland where there are as many listed for switz. as for
s.c.  happy hunting,
julie thames howell, jax, fla

jessica Stephens wrote:

 Posted on: The SCRoots Forum
> Reply Here:
> Surname: Inabinet
> -------------------------
> I have a piece of paper that my ggreat aunt gave me with the last name
> inabinet on it and they where from the Orangeburgh area.ANd this was in
> Walter Brigham Renews book of rememberance.AMd she gave them to me incase
> I can find out if these people on the paper are any kin to the Renew/Renau
> or the Cushman's.Thanks,Jessica
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