Imprisioned On Morris Island - Kenfrink
Subject: Imprisioned On Morris Island
From: Kenfrink
Date: May 21, 1998

3 brothers joined, William P. was killed at Goldsboro bridge, Lorenzo was
killed but John O'Neille frink wrote:

" I was with about 3,000 others sent to fort Delaware, Delaware in August,
1864, a Leiutenant in charge of the prision came in one morning and gave us
to understand that he was after 600 officers ranking from Lieutenants to
Colonels, and hinted that we were to be exchanged. So he commenced calling
the names out, and I became one of the 600."

"All thought we were going to be exchanged, but we were landed,after about
eighteen days on that steamer, it was at Morris Island in front of
Charleston, NC."

" We were kept there for 42 days and nights, and our only rations was three
and a half pints of corn meal gruel a day; no meat; coffee or anything
else. After this forty two days, we were moved to fort Pulaski Georgia
until General Lee surrendered. We were sent back to fort Delaware,
Delaware. While down there I contracted the scurvey and I did not get able
to travel until the 11th day of June, 1865."

"I was paraoled and sent to Philadelphia, thence to Baltimore and then to
Petersburg, Vurginia and from there to Wilmington, North Carolina. I was
then 45 miles from home. There was a railroad past my home but it was not
in operation. I was not able to walk except upon crutches and I started to
walk home on my crutches. I walked about ten miles the first day and stayed
at a farm house for the night. Next morning, I started out again and had to
sit down to rest about 10 o'clock. While sitting there a covered wagon came
up. I hailed the driver and he was a man who lived about two miles from my
home and I got home O.K., but walking on crutches".

(John O'Neille Frink)

ken frink

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