Re: Immigration Help Needed - Anthony Brock
Subject: Re: Immigration Help Needed
From: Anthony Brock
Date: August 14, 1998


The two Brocks I am looking for are descendants of a Curtis W. Brock and
Charlotte Ann Cox Brock of Horry Co., South Carolina. Their son John C.
Brock (I believe the middle initial is correct) apparently left South
Carolina sometime after 1870. That was the last census report he appears
on. His brothers included a Martin Luther Brock and William Curtis Brock.
His sister was Mary Brock who married Charles Nathan Causey.

I believe W C Brock was Martin Luther Brock's child, but I stand to be
corrected on that. I will have to check with my father. He also apparently
went to Australia, which would have been sometime in the early 1900s.

According to family stories, John Brock got involved either in working on
board a ship, or possibly into sheep herding. Again, those are the stories
handed down. Some even say he may have fled because he either killed or
thought he killed a man. Again, that is part of the stories handed down. I
would really like to know of any connection of these two to Australia and
any possible marriage and descendants that may be there today.

A. Brock

At 08:30 AM 8/15/98 +1000, Gaila & Jim Merrington wrote:
>If you give me a few more details, I will see what I can find.  I am in
>Sydney. I also have a Web page on Civil War Veterans that immigrated to
>Australia and are buried here.  I hope to update that soon.
>Gaila Merrington
>[email protected]

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