Immigration - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Immigration
Date: July 10, 1999

Giveny Bernard; age 41 in 1831. nqtivity County of Cava Ireland.
emigrated from Dublin. arrived in Philadelphia 19 Oct 1819 declaration
of intention 11 Oct 1831 proof of residence 2 May 1835 witnesses William
Dowling John Goinor naturalization granted 2 May 1835

Gonzalez Ambrozio I.; age 29 in 1849 nativity Cuba emigrated from Cuba
to U.S. in 1828 declaraton of intention. proof of residence same witness
George A Gardiner. naturalization 26 Mar. 1849

Gordon James age 63 in 1845 nativity Ireland;emigrated from
Livrpool.arrived in Boston 23 May 1809;declaration of intention 1 July
1845 Proof of residence.Dist,Court.5 June 1848 witness Gustavus A Clarke
naturalization granted 5 June 1848

Gormlay Philip age 21 in 8128 nativity Ireland. emigrated from
Dublin.arrived at New York 8 May 1827 declaration of intention 10 June
1828 proof of residene 4January 1836 witnesses Gregory Ennis and James
F.? naturalization granted 4 Jan 1836

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