Date: July 11, 1999

Grey Cyril Vernon; nativiy Great Britain and Ireland. Declaration of
intention New York 29 October 1842. proof of residence New York Dec 10
1846 witnessess William J Cochran 261 Bleeker St N.Y and William Lee
Sr.59 Reade St N.Y. another proof of residence dated Washington D.C. 21
Dec 1846 witness Joh Heart Naturalization granted 21 Dec 1846

Grimes Guy age 47 in 1837 nativity County Down Ireland emigrated from
Belfast arrived at Baltimore 12 July 1818 declaration of intention 17
Jan 1837 proof of residence8 Dec 1840 witnesses Robert Cunningham and
William Douglass naturalization granted 9 Dec 1840

Grupe William age 32 in 1844. nativity Germany emigrated from Bremen
arrived at Baltimore 8 July 1841 declaration of intention 18 August 1844
proof of residence 24 March 1847 witness Anthony Best naturalization
granted 24 March 1847

Gunton Thomas Jr age about 33 in 1817 nativity County Norfolk England.
arrived at Baltimore about last of June 1816 declaration of intention 7
Nov 1817 proof of residence 9 Nov 1822 Witnesses Richard Wallach and
William Gunton naturlization granted 9 Nov 1822

Guttensohn John age 32 in 1843 nativity Wertemboug Germany emigrated
From Bremen arrived in Baltimore, 11 August 1841 declaration of
intention 2 Nov 1843.proof of residence District of Columbia June 18
1848 witness Charly Schussler naturalizaton granted.5 June 1848

Hagarty William Declaration Kings County N/Y/ 4 nov 1835 proof of
residence WashingtonD.C. 17 Nov 1847 Witness Patrick McGee
naturalization 17 Nov 1847

Hager Christopher age 23 in 1840 nativity Germany emigrated fromHavre De
Grasse arrived at Baltimore Aug 1828 declaration of intention 3 Aug 1840
proof of residence same witnesses Augusta Schnieder and John Heny
naturalization granted 3 Aug 1840

Hager Frederick age 25 in 1835 bativity Germany emigraed frm Havre De
Grasse arrived at Baltimore 30 Aug 1829.declaration of intention 26 Mar
1835 proof of residence 2 April.1839 witnesses Geo M Stepper and Jacob
Frank naturalization granted 2 April 1839

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