Immigrants - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Immigrants
Date: July 04, 1999

to Penn.....
Hauss Michael of Knielingen manumitted with his wife ( Brothers Sept 16

Hauss Johannes of knielingen, wife and chidren found ony in the council
records(Anderson" Aug 25 1751)

Schlickers Ludwig of Kneilingen with wife and stepson

Mussgnung David of Grotzingen ("Brothers") Sept 16 1751

Decker Johann Jacob unmarried from Weisenstein ("Kitty" Oct 16 1752)

Dillman Georg of Teutcheneureuth with wife and children

Meinzer Martin of Knielengen with wife and chidren ("Brothers" Sept 16
1751- both the foregoing)

Graf(Gravin) Barbara unmarred from Ispringen

Meinzer Johanes from Hagsfelden with wife and two children("Brothers"
Sept 16 1751)

Schwarz Matthias from Auerbbach

Mayer Michael from Bauschlott with wife and children

Binder   Jacob from Bauschlott with wife and children

Loffler Dieterich from Grotzingen with wife and 4 children ,a tenant
farmer ("Pheonix" Sept 25 1751)

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