Immigrants - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Immigrants
Date: July 04, 1999

To Pennsylvania  cont...
Heyd Jacob from Gro"tzingen

Frantz Jacob also from Grotzinge

Nagel Sebastian fom Blankenloch

(Hempiri Elisabetha From Blankenloch

( Nagel.. Frantz....and Heyd on ship)("Brothers".Sept 16 1751)

Groner or Croner, Jacob a youth from Bauschlott

Augustein, Christian, AnnaMaria, Caspar and Hanns Georg. four unmarried
children of Abraha Augustein, widower , a citizen of Auerbach ( see Two
Brothers Sept 2 1751 and Duke of Wirtenberg Oct 16m1751

Hauer Bernhardt and Christoph from Blankenloch destination not recorded

Reich Mattheus, a citizen of Singen, to go to Penn ("Duke of
Wirtenberg")Oct16 1751

Nagel Joachim a formergrenadier.born at Blankenloch requested
manumission for himself and wife to go Penn ("Brothers Sept 16m1751)

Bossert. Michael, unmarried from Bauschlott

Kaucher Michael unmarried from Gobrichen ( both above on the Pheonix
Sept 25 1751)

Kaucher the younger of Gobrichen manumitted with wife and children

Worner Philipp Jacob t a citizen of Wossingen ( The Duke of Wirtenberg"'
Oct 16 1751)


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