Immigrants - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Immigrants
Date: July 04, 1999

From Baden-Durlach to Pennsylvania 1749
by D Friedrich Krebs Archivist Speyer  Germany
Hunold Matha"us,reformed  burner from Weiler bie Pforzheim permitted to
go to Penn with wife and child(ship"Two Brothers") Sept 21.1751

Loble Georg age 70 from Wo"ssingen permitted to travel with his wife to
join his four children already settled in Penn

Winther Samuel also from W"ossingen with his wife and chidren

Schickle Georg,the younger from Bauschlott, with wife and four chldren
Rossle Gabiel, from W"ossingen, with wife and three children (Ship
SHIRLEY Sept 5 1751)

Durr Johann Georg from Nottingen,  cooper unmarried( ship"Duke of
Wiertenber" Oct 16 1751
Schmelzle Rudolph  From Obermuschelbach 

Widlemann Jacob also from Obermutschelbach

Meyer,Hans, Jerg, from Obermutschelback with wife and four children(the
last twon on THE DUKE OF WIRTENBERG.Oct 16 1751)

Worlich Michael Nail maker at Stein

Heyd Jacob from Gro"tzingen

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